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Transportation Concept by Dong Ruifeng

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Transportation Concept by Dong Ruifeng, the leading industrial designer in China. This thick book contain many sketches from him. You can buy this book and learn how he sketch. If you want to buy, visit Second floor, Borders Ikano, Damansara


  1. Chan said...

    Hey what do u think of this book?
    I personally feel that this book has lots and lots of sketches..... however it lacks certain quality to it :/ just my point of view.... anyway..if im not mistaken there will be a book by syd mead which may be realease in Oct. :)

  2. Firdaus said...

    I do not yet browse this book, i only see its cover hehe..but i think you are right..What is the title of the book by syd mead? by the way thanks for the info..:)

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