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This concept car is really look gorgeous. I really like this shape. Look modern and futuristic. Beside the color also very attractive. I think, i will apply this design language to my own design. Have fun

Ford EVOS...really nice !!

Just my idea from my own perspective on how proton sport car will look like.Not so good but at least there have futuristic element in design.

Proton sport car concept


This is concept car with hatchback version. I didn know much about term for shape. I need to read a lot about car design. Here it is, just draft sketch for my concept.

New concept sketch


This is my second 3d car which i decided to concentrate on surface. This is not project but part of my self learning program.

Wireframe 3d model

This is my first ever 3d car modelling in 3d max and render in vray. Still much to be learn about 3d expecially using mesh modelling technique. I find to make car in 3d because of the curve surface. I decided to make exterior of the car rather than 3d interior. Same model but with different locations.

Hyrax Car model in 3dmax


Just same idea hehe :)



Using ballpen to sketch.let it be like this

sport car

Human like to design car just like animals face.really?

cute face

Idea come when you are not thinking about it.

Ideas everywhere


Just draft sketches. Throw away another idea for front design.

Black and white sketch


Not so well but i can try...

Another sketch for free time


Just learning how to coloring the car. Need more learning in lighting.

Proton Satria Concept


Transportation Concept by Dong Ruifeng, the leading industrial designer in China. This thick book contain many sketches from him. You can buy this book and learn how he sketch. If you want to buy, visit Second floor, Borders Ikano, Damansara

Transportation Concept by Dong Ruifeng

This is another book about sketches. In this book contain sketches from european designers. Maybe we can learn how they sketch and delivering the ideas from scratch. You can find this book at Second floor, Borders Ikano, Damansara.

Top Sketches


This sketch software will come out soon.Check this out. Maybe some new features for sketching. What ever software that u use, u must master manual sketch first. :)

Autodesk Alias Sketch 2011

Another alternative for those who like car design. You can get this one at Kinokuniya, KLCC in Japanese magazine section. Thanks for the info Chan.

Car Styling - Japanese magazine

Do u have basic sketching? If you dont have, this book is suitable for you and designers around Malaysia. This book is not so expensive compare the knowledge that u get.Only RM 50 and you will find more about sketching. You can buy this book online or visit any big bookstore near you in Malaysia. If you want to buy online, just visit this website. Penerbit Buku Press

Basic Sketching and rendering technique


This is new book about industrial design. Only available in Malay language. In this book, you can learn a lot about industrial design including automotive design. If you interested in this field, try to read and find out more. You can find this book at any bookstore near you or just contacting the authors in Department of Industrial Design, FRSB, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Industrial design book

I really like this magazine. This is not kind of typical car magazine but this magazine is focus on car design. If you interested in car design you can find this second hand magazine around Amcop Mall, Petaling Jaya. This magazine is very limited and maybe you can ask salesperson for this mag.. :) In my opinion, design books and magazine is not adequate. Industrial designers is very small community in Malaysia. To find something that can be call tutorial is very hard.

Auto & Design magazine in Malaysia

Sketch using pencil or pen (manual sketch) is easy compare to digital sketch using tablet and computer. You have to practice more in digital sketching. If you dont have basic in sketch, you have to try sketch using pencil first and master using it. After that try using pen and more advance you can use tablet to sketch. :)

Sketch manual or digital

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