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Proton Concept design idea

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This is another concept car from Proton..just is my idea. Why Proton? Because Proton is Malaysian Car Manufacturer and I am Malaysian. So I will support Proton and make this sketches of concept car.


  1. Firdaus said...

    You can comment anything about sketches

  2. Fridz said...

    I want to reproduce your design using 3ds Max..When/If I have done, I will post it in my blog your original artwork and blog address)

    Btw, nice job. I like it.

  3. Firdaus said...

    thanks fridz..silakan la buat modelling utk sketch ni..ape2 pun thanks sbb pilih design sy utk buat modelling.. :)

  4. KIPSTER said...

    I am working on a special project and we were just about to engage some students to work on a fec concept cars - would be cool if we can chat. I like your ideas. Cheers Kip

  5. Efrain O Panneflek said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Efrain O Panneflek said...

    Hi Firdaus i used your sketch for a ps rendering, most likely would love to use this for a 3d model for my personal Robocop project as the OCP Detroit police cop car if you don't mind.

    You can check the render on my page

  7. Firdaus said...

    hi Efrain, im glad u really like my design and use for your personal project..u can use it as long as you give my link to your blog..thanks

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